The trekking of the Rwenzori Mountains is one of the most rewarding alpine experiences in the world, which requires good preparation and knowledge of what you should expect to find, as it is a unique trekking.

We recently had a team from The Alpine club of Italy in Toscany hiking the Rwenzoris with us and we requested them to furnish us with updated information and technical package for the Rwenzori and the website.The team was led by David Orlandi, who together with Angelo Chimenti and Simone Signori undertook the Rwenzori trekking in February 2012. The report from Orlandi explains how the ascent to Margherita peak was and to the less frequented Mount Speke Peak. This is a contribution to increase the visibility of the Rwenzori to the public.

Costantino Tessarin

The Equipment

It is advisable to travel with your personal equipment for this trekking, which include the rucksack, trekking boots, sleeping bag and mat (though in the huts you will find mattresses). The gumboots are particularly useful in the Rwenzori and they can be hired from the head quarter of the National Park (it is advisable to book them in advance). The Rwenzori can be very rainy; therefore it is crucial to carry the suitable clothes to protect you from the rain and from the water (water proof trousers, poncho). For the ascent to the main peaks, it is recommended to have proper rigid crampons, rope and ice axe for the glaciers.


Preparing the expedition

When you book the trekking of the Rwenzori, the agent who runs the concession for the central circuit of the Rwenzori appoints one alpine guide for every two persons. With our organization (Rwenzori Abruzzi Destination Jungle) we book guides and cook in advance, as we choose among those we have known from many years of experience. Moreover, we make known to the agent our needs in terms of arrangements and expectations. With us the trekkers will meet their appointed guides earlier as they arrive in the Rwenzori, so that they can discuss and share the final preparation, from Ibanda the evening before they start the trekking.

It is important to have the luggage well prepared which is to be carried during the trekking (you might decide to leave some items behind with us or at the hotel). As part of the service offered by the agent, some porters are included to carry luggage. The regulations are that each trekker is entitled to have 25 kg including food, so that any extra kg will be considered extra luggage and should be paid for at an extra fee. Those who are climbing more than one peak and will spend extra days in the mountains are entitled to carry more luggage which is agreed upon.

We provide the food stuff and kitchen equipment during the trekking, based on standard guidelines, but in case there are some specific requirements, we will take them into consideration.

All the transportation from Entebbe Airport to Kampala and to the Rwenzori and back is based on private service of a 4×4 vehicle. It takes about seven / eight hours to reach the foothills of the Rwenzori¬† along the Mubuku River at Ibanda.

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