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There are not many publications about the Rwenzori. We would like to remember few of them, which might be of interest for the reader and we wish to update this section with more complete guidelines.

Centenary Publications available
General Publications on the Rwenzori

Centenary Publications available

In the occasion of the Centenary Anniversary the Protocol and Publicity committee has released a special edition of the “Map of the Rwenzori National Park”. The publication was possible also for the contribution of the Italian entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Moreover, to honour the history of the climbing and to give a guideline support for climbing to the visitors who are coming to Uganda, the Publicity and Protocol Committee has published the booklet “In the footstep of the Duke – The essential guide to history, climbing and trekking of the Rwenzori Mountains”, edited by Averono Pietro, Costantino Tessarin, Wafula James Bichachi. The edition contains the Map of the Rwenzori National Park attached.

Furthermore, two commemorating postcards have been published.

All the publications will be sold no for profit in relevant shops and institutions in Uganda and the Rwenzori, in hotels and Italian restaurants in Kampala.

The Region Valle d’Aosta published from Italy a commemorative postcard which was distributed during the celebrations:

General Publications on the Rwenzori

Flowers of the Moon, Afroalpine vegetation of the Rwenzori Mountains’, 2007, 5 Continents Editions, ISBN 978-88-7439-423-4

-Luigi Amedeo di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi, Il Rwenzori: viaggio di esplorazione e prime ascensioni delle più alte vette”, Hoepli, Milano, 1908.

-The Rwenzori Discovery – Luigi Amedeo di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi, Roberto Mantovano, Italiano – English – Swahili, cahier museomontagna 105, Ed. Museo Nazionale della Montagna, Torino Italy 1996.

-I Popoli della Luna – The people of the Moon –Rwenzori 1906 – 2006, Edited by Cecilia Pennacini, Italiano – English, cahier museomontagna 150, Ed. Museo Nazionale della Montagna, Torino Italy 2006 . This publication was released by the Museum of the Mountain (Turin) in the occasion of the anthropological exhibition in Turin and Kampala.

- H. Osmaston, J. Tukahirwa, C. Basalirwa, J. Nyakaana (ed.) The Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda, Department of Geography, Makerere University, Kampala 1998

- Henry Osmaston, Guide to the Rwenzori, 2006.

Osmaston has revised extensively the original 1972 guide which he wrote with another former colonial officer of Uganda, David Pasteur.
Much of the original material remains: meticulously researched climbing history, route descriptions, excellent sketch maps, clear topos and informative monotone photos, along with copious notes on the area’s natural history. New to this edition are extended historical notes, including fascinating material on Uganda’s troubled post-colonial history, lots of enticing new colour photos and updated details on huts and climbing routes. It is the latter which have changed most drastically and that change is highlighted in four photos of the highest peaks, Alexandra and Margherita, dated between 1906 and 2005. Each view is almost identical, apart from the snow and ice cover. Should anyone doubt the reality of our current, accelerated, global warming, let them just see these photos.
Text by Stephen Venables, Pres. Alpine Club, in The Climber, August 2006

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