The government of Uganda together with the government of Italy wish to honour the occasion of the scientific climbing of Rwenzori at the time when their citizens will be celebrating 100 years of the exploration as it was a joint expedition composed of Ugandans and Italians. The purpose is to foster the cooperation and to encourage the respective citizens to visit the Rwenzori ranges more and get to enjoy this unique resource that their ancestors helped to inform the world of its existence.

A meeting of stakeholders of the Rwenzori Mountain held in June 2005 established three committees: Field Activities, Publicity and Protocol and Finance in order to coordinate the organization of the celebrations in 2006. The stakeholders include: Italian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourist Board, Rwenzori Mountaineering Services, University of Turin, University of Makerere Kampala, Museum of the Mountain “Duke of Abruzzi” in Turin, Uganda Museum.

The Official Logo of the Rwenzori Abruzzi celebrations

Is the representation of the earth with the snow on the Rwenzori Mountains at the Equator (you can see the 0 degree on the orange line).You can also notice that both the flags of Uganda and Italy are represented by a number of small circles colored with black, red, yellow, white, green that are the colors of the two flags. I believe it is a nice and original work because it is harmonious, it represent recent and old concepts, is modern, innovative and can be easily understood.
Presentation by Pietro Averono, Chairman Publicity and Protocol Committee for the Rwenzori Abruzzi Centenary Celebrations.

Commemorating Climbing: “In the Footstep of the Duke”, 12-24 June 2006
Anthropological Exhibition in Turin and in Kampala, May-October 2006
Film Festival in Kampala, “Voices of the Rwenzori”, 11 May 2006
Pictorial Exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala 5 June -1 July
Scientific Conference in Kampala, 17th June
Public Lecture at Uganda Society, 24th June 2006
Open Tennis Tournament at Kampala Club,10-24 June 2006

Celebrations Rwenzori Abruzzi 2006 is the commemorating Climbing.

The main event of the Centenary Celebrations Rwenzori Abruzzi 2006 is the commemorating climbing, expected for June 2006, which will repeat the historical climbing of 1906, with the cooperation of climbers from both Italy and Uganda. For this reason the event is called “In the Footstep of the Duke”.

The Italian party (expedition team) will arrive at Entebbe on the 10th of June 2006. They will be received by the organization committees and the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority Mr. Moses Mapesa. The Ugandan party joins the counterpart.

On 11th of June the Parties depart for Fort Portal and arrive at the Omukama’s Palace of Tooro Kingdom and received by officials of the kingdom.
On 12th of June the team reach Nyakalengija at the Rwenzori Mountains National Park (RMNP) Head Quarter, where the climbers will be received by officials of the Park, the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services, Ecotrust and Bakonjo Kingdom officials. Porters and Guides of the expeditions are selected.

On 13th of June 2006 the Party starts the climb up to Nyabitaba Hut. On 14th from Nyabitaba they climb up to Bujungolo Rock Shelter. On 15th they climb to Mount Baker and reach Edward 4843m. and Semper 4.794m. peaks, if possible extending to Moore4.623m. and Wollaston 4.626m. peaks, proceeding to Kitandara Hut for the night.

On 16th of June from Kitandara Hut they climb to Mount Luigi di Savoia and do Wiesmann 4.620m. and Vittorio Sella 4.627m. peaks, then returning to Kitandara hut.
On 17th of June 2006 they climb up to Elena Hut of Mount Stanley. On 18th of June 2006 in the morning they climb up to Alexandra 5.090m. and Margherita 5.109m. peaks as was done by Luigi Amedeo exactly a Century ago. They pose for a photograph with Uganda and Italy Flags on Margherita and then place a Centenary Plaque there on. Return to Elena Hut for the night.

On 19th of June from Elena Hut they move to Bujuku Hut 3.977m. On 20th they climb Mount Speke and Vittorio Emanuele peak 4.890m and return to Bujuku Hut. On 21st they walk in the valley up to the skull cave 4.000m. On 22nd in the morning they climb Mount Emin and do Umberto peak 4.798m; in the afternoon climb Mount Gessi and Iolanda 4715m peak, the night is at the Skull Cave. On 23rd from the Cooking Pot Cave they move down to John Matte Hut 3.380m. Finally on 24th they move down to Nyakalengija with a lunch stop at Nyabitaba Hut.

On 25th of June the Party will be hosted to a Reception by the Italian Ambassador in Kampala. Departure expected from Uganda on 27th of June 2006.

12ve-24th June 2006

The Commemorative climbing is constituted by a group of 12 Ugandans and 5 Italians.


Mr. Moses Mapesa – Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority
Gen. Ivan Koreta UPDF
Maj. Henry Isoke UWA
Mr. Deo Lubega – Uganda Mountain Club
Mr. Herbert Miiro – Uganda Mountain Club
Mr. Raphael Okello – New Vision (Daily newspaper)
Mr. Venex Watewaba – WBS (TV)
Mr. Steven Mwiri – Radio Uganda
Mr. Gaaki Kigambo The Daily Monitor
Mr. John Makombo – UWA
Mr. Jim Bitwire – Civil Aviation Authority
Mr. David Musoke – Civil Aviation Authority


Mr. Massimo Bassano – Journalist (Repubblica)
Mr. Antonio Vizzi – (Retired Army General– Alpine Corp)
Captain Martino Felicetti (Italian Armed Forces – Alpine Corp)
Giuseppe Petigax – Guide from Valle d’Aosta and representative of the Duke’s guides
Thomas Gumbricht – Sweedish Researcher

-Anthropological Exhibition in Turin (11th May-10th September) and Kampala (16th June-9th October)

The University of Turin, Anthropology Department, and the Museum of the Mountain in Turin organize in 2006 the anthropological exhibition “The people of the moon”. This event is prepared with the coordination of Prof. Cecilia Pennacini, Anthropologist, and the curator of the Museum of the Mountain Dr. Cristina Natta Soleri.
The exhibition will be held first in Italy, at the Museum of the Mountain “Duke of Abruzzi”, between the 11th of May 2006 till 10th September. The same exhibition will be open in Kampala, at the Uganda Museum, from 16th of June till 8th October 2006.

The exhibition is following three main subjects. The first section is covering the historical-geographical aspects of the area. A brief introduction on the centenary search for the source of the Nile and the legendary Mountains of the Moon will underline how the African continent had remained for long time an empty space on the geographical maps.

The second and main section commemorate the history of the encounter, sometimes the missing encounter, between two different worlds which are still very far each other. In 1906 the expedition of the Duke of Abruzzi meets the people of the Rwenzori and the Bakonjo porters were a precious contribution for the success of the mission. Vittorio Sella, the official photographer of the expedition, could catch and make immortal with his camera the eyes of the “people of the moon”.
After hundred years the Canadian photographer Craig Richards went back to the same places to renovate the encounter. Two great photographers face to face with one century of distance. Craig RichardsCraig Richards has travelled and photographed extensively in every corner of the planet. He is also a curator at the White Museum of Alberta Canada. He has been travelling to Rwenzori during summer 2005.

The third section, the most scientific, illustrates with photographic and video materials, plus significant ethnographic objects, the different cultures of the Rwenzori and their relation with the mountain. The following anthropological issues will be presented in a comparative way: the history of the main ethnic groups of the area and the processes of change and construction of the identity which occurred in colonial and post colonial eras; the different economic-ecologic systems which were developed according to different altitude levels; the main political and social organisations; the models of living and housing; the handicraft technologies; the religious and ritual life; the esthetical dimension, particularly concerning the music and the dance.

In the occasion of the anthropologica exhibition in Turin and Kampala, the Museum of the Mountain (Turin) has released the new publication, “I Popoli della Luna- The People of the Moon”, edited by Prof. Cecilia Pennacini, Cahier Museo Montagna, 150, 2006.

Film Festival in Kampala, “Voices of the Rwenzori”, 11 May 200

Film Festival in Kampala, “Voices of the Rwenzori”, 11 May 200

-Film Festival in Kampala, “Voices of the Rwenzori”, 11 May 2006

In the occasion of the third “Amakula – Kampala International Film Festival”, the Duke of Abruzzi came back to meet the public of Kampala, on Thursday 11th of May at National Theatre at 8pm. The evening, “Voices of the Rwenzori”, featured guests from the Bakonjo people, with songs, dance and storytelling of time past and present around the lore of the Mountains of the Moon. Among others: Baluku Davis, flute player; Regina Masika, elder singer and storyteller; Laurent Kule, percussion. In the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the gardens at the National Theatre, special guest was Luigi Amedeo of Savoy Duke of Abruzzi, who told the numerous and curious public about the climbing of the Rwenzori of 1906. It helped with the screening of the beautiful photographs of Vittorio Sella, sceneries of the evening. Many the questions raised to the Duke from the attendants.

The Duke of Abruzzi at the National Theatre in Kampala.

-Pictorial Exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala, 5 June -1 July.

A pictorial competition will be open to all talents with the title “From the Mountains of the Moon to the Rwenzori”. The piece of art will be displayed at the national art gallery “Nommo Gallery” in Kampala from 5th of June to 1st July.
In order to participate apply by using the form available through the Director of Nommo Gallery, Mr. Emmanuel Mutungi. The catalogue of the exhibition will be published and sold at Nommo Gallery.

-Scientific Conference in Kampala (Makerere University-University of Turin) 17th June 2006

Venue: Uganda Society, at Uganda Museum, Kiira Road.
Date: 17th June 2006.

Makerere University in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology of the University of Turin (Italy) organize a scientific conference that shall gather together researchers, intellectuals and experts of anthropology, geographers, botanists and environmentalists. The objective is to update on the conditions of the mountain range but particularly on the population of the mountain living both in Uganda and Congo.

The scientific conference “RUWENZORI 1906-2006 – LINGUE E CULTURE DI UNA MONTAGNA AFRICANA – Cultures and languages of the Rwenzoris in the context of the Great Lakes region”, will be held in Turin, 11 May 2006, Museo Nazionale della Montagna and Kampala, 17 June 2006, Uganda Museum.

The program includes several contributions: Oswald Ndolelire (Makerere Institute of Languages), Language affinity and use in the Rwenzori region; Ephraim Rumva Kamuhangire (Uganda Museum), The pre-colonial history of the hereditary chiefdoms of Busongora; Manuel Muranga (Makerere Institute of Languages), Prayers, spoken and written as a tool of interethnic and intercultural conflict resolution; Wotsuna Khamarwa (Makerere Institute of Languages), Bagisu and Bakonzo Rituals; Kaban Kabananyuke (Makerere Institute of Social Researchs), Ethnic diversity and culture in the Rwenzori; Stanley Baluku (Makerere University); Rwenzori: a bridge of culture; Syahuka Muhindo (Makerere University), Early migrations and social formation in the Rwenzori region; Sylvia Nannyonga Tamusuza (Makerere University), Comparing historical musical documents from Rwenzori; Tom Stacey (London), The bakonzo kingdom obusinga; Hermann Wittenberg (University of Western Cape, South Africa); Cecilia Pennacini (University of Turin, Italy), The Rwenzori region: ethnology of an African frontier.

After the venue opening of the exhibition:
The people of the Moon. Ruwenzori 1906-2006

-Public Lecture at Uganda Society Public Lecture at 3pm on 24th June 2006

To mark the successful participation to the historical climbing the Uganda Society together with the Italian Embassy, the Uganda Museum, Makerere University, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourist Board and the sponsors of the celebrations will host a table of discussant where a variety of topics will be presented.

Venue: Uganda Society, at Uganda Museum.
Date: 24th June 2006 at 3pm.

-Open Tennis Tournament at Kampala Club, from 10 to 24 June 2006

A tennis tournament shall take place at Kampala Club from the beginning of June 2006. The event sponsored by the Italian entrepreneurs in Uganda will offer prices amounting 3.500.000 Ugandan Shillings. The price giving ceremony shall take place at Kampala Club and the guests of Honour will be the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry and His Excellency the Italian Ambassador. Registrations are open till 25th of May 2006.

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