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This is the most comprehensive website about the Rwenzori Climbing mountains, the rwenzori trekking, the history and the people. This is a source of information open to all contributions.
The website was launched in 2006 as the Official Website for the Centenary Celebrations of the Rwenzori climbing by the scientific expedition led by Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.

Mount Stanley in 1906-The highest group in the Rwenzori.
Photo taken by Vittorio Sella.
Mount Stanley in 2006.
Photo taken from the Bujuku Lake
Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy Duke of Abruzzi
The Rwenzori, by Filippo de Filippi, Hoepli Milan 1908.
Vittorio Sella, official photographer of the 1906 scientific expedition.

The Rwenzoris are the legendary “Mountains of the Moon” which was gazetted to a National park in 1991 and became known as Mountain Rwenzori National Park and it is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. The head quarters of the national park are in Nyakalenjija village along the Mubuku valley. The Congolese part of the Rwenzori is also part of the Virunga National Park.

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